Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep Drawn stamping is a process of forming flat metal into a die to make precise, usually cylindrical shaped components. This is accomplished by feeding a coil of flat metal into a press with stations of tooling, each performing a repeating operation on the metal.

First Station

The first station cuts a “blank” from the strip of material. The blank is a flat circular piece of metal that will eventually become a finished part.
This blank is then pushed into a die by a punch forming a “cup” shape that through subsequent stations will be “drawn” out to length.

Remaining Stations

After drawing the metal to length, the remaining stations will add the remaining required features and trim off any excess material.
With automated transfer systems moving each part from station to station, the deep draw process is very efficient, and by using flat metal as raw material, it also reduces unnecessary waste. When you add that our designs allow us to precisely dictate the flow of material to produce consistent parts with tight tolerances, you get an ideal, cost-effective application for high volume production.​
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