Metal Flow is a rapidly growing, innovative metal forming company with extensive value-added manufacturing technologies focused on bringing value to customers and to the community we serve.

The people of Metal Flow Corporation are deeply committed to providing the highest quality processes and products to customers around the world.  We produce high volume, technically sophisticated custom metal components through the deep draw process using a variety of metals, and are actively seeking candidates who have an interest in working in a precision environment to create safety critical, quality product that serves primarily the global automotive industry.  Successful team members will thrive in a fast-paced production environment while still maintaining organization, attention to detail, and a quality focus.


Metal Flow Offers:

  • Career Advancement and Competitive Wages
  • Medical / Rx / Vision / Dental / Life / Disability / Flex Plan (Health & Dependent Care)
  • Paid Time Off
  • Family Summer Picnic / Christmas Party
  • Air-Conditioned Plant
  • On-Site Fitness/Wellness Center
  • 9 PAID Holidays
  • Monthly Gainsharing Program
  • Education & Apprenticeship Opportunities



Current Opportunities

Title: Shipping Clerk
Reports to: Shipping Supervisor
Minimum requirements for the job:
• Education: High School diploma or equivalent
• Training: On the job
• Skills:
• Experience:
Primary Job Responsibilities (Scope): To prepare all paperwork for the days shipments. To make sure all product needed for shipment is being packed in a timely fashion.
Affect on Quality of product:
• Relevance of job: Cleanliness, proper boxing, neatly stacked, neatly labeled, properly labeled, correct quantities in box, properly shrink-wrapped
• Importance of activities: High - Any error will result in a stop at our customer or a misdirected shipment
• Contribution towards quality objectives: No quality concerns and on-time delivery
• Consequences of nonconforming product to the customer:
Nonconforming product to the customer could
1. Impact the end user,
2. Cause disruption and expenses for our customer,
3. Negatively affect our customer relationship
4. Negatively impact future Metal Flow business
5. Negative impact on MFC profitability
Job responsibilities:
1. Prepare paperwork from the computer for the days shipments
2. Coordinate weighing, bar-coding, and preparation of products to be shipped that day
3. Prepare milkrun orders prior to their arrival (Especially the ones that come in for early a.m. pick up)
4. KANBAN requirements
5. Assure all shipments are accurate and not damaged
6. Weigh/bar-code product at pack stations as demand requires or as time allows
7. Loading and unloading of trucks that enter the docks, as required
8. Report/DMT any damage to product, trucks, buildings, etc.
9. Set the example by following procedures as a daily routine (Area organized, housekeeping, safety, attendance and attitude)
10. Perform other duties and assignments as instructed

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Metal Flow is looking for new, dedicated team members to fill roles as press and machine operators.

  • Operators are primarily responsible for machine handling tasks- including the loading of raw material, cleaning and dumping of scrap, and maintaining oil and coolant levels for presses in their area.
  • Operators also play a key role in performing and documenting regular in-production quality checks, and therefore should be able to use basic quality gages and measurement devices such as calipers, micrometers, and an optical comparator, or should demonstrate the ability and willingness to learn how to effectively use these tools.
  • At Metal Flow, operators are expected to know or learn Statistical Process Controls and how it is used in the production of our products, and operators should be able to learn basic quality policies and procedures to ensure quality products are being made to serve the needs of Metal Flow's customers.
  • Operators are expected to actively work on keeping the presses and equipment in their area clean and organized and participate in product sorts if/when needed.
  • Operators are encouraged to grow in their skills and abilities to advance in their career to a technical operator position where they may assist in pulling tools from presses and preparing presses for future set-ups, play a key role in performing in-process measurements on quality lab equipment, and they also may work to be able to perform basic set up and perform basic tasks on tool room equipment.
  • High School or GED required
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Metal Flow is currently searching for committed individuals with some manufacturing experience to fill Technical Operator roles on our production floor.

  • A successful Technical Operator candidate will have some basic experience and abilities with tool room equipment such as lathes, mills, and surface grinders.
  • Technical Operators also have the responsibility of assisting Die Setters and Toolmakers in set ups as needed as well as pulling tools from presses and preparing for future set-ups.
  • Technical Operators at Metal Flow are expected to have the ability to read blueprints, perform in-process quality checks and machine operation duties, assist in the cleaning of work areas and machines, as well as participate in the sorting product if/when needed.
  • Technical Operators are encouraged to grown in their skills and abilities to advance their careers to a Die Setter position, and/or pursue a path toward application for acceptance into Metal Flow's Department of Labor registered Apprenticeship Program where they can take advantage of On-The-Job Training Opportunities and Off-Site Educational Curriculum.
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Metal Flow is actively looking for dedicated individuals with leadership and solid tool building skills to apply for positions as a machinists. Successful candidates should have strong organization and communication abilities and should be capable of performing specialized tool building activities on limited toolroom equipment. Individuals applying for this role should be energized by a fast-paced automotive environment while maintaining attention to detail and demonstrating commitment to driving and following processes. 

  • Supporting the needs of manufacturing departments by making precision production tools and fixtures to blueprint specifications so that they are capable of producing a quality end product to the internal customer.
  • Demonstrating proficient use of toolroom equipment such as mills, lathes, and surface grinders to work with various tool steels.
  • Understanding and possessing an ability to read and interpret blueprints with GD&T callouts.
  • Following the priorities of toolroom by building tooling and fixtures with accuracy and efficiency.  
  • Striving to gain additional knowledge and learn the operation of new equipment.
  • Producing tooling and fixtures in an efficient manner, without compromising safety or quality.
  • Being a dependable team member by demonstrating punctuality and reliability.
  • Cooperating with other team members and other employees from the manufacturing areas to accomplish a common goal while demonstrating an ability to be a team player.
  • Taking initiative and offering suggestions for continuous improvement opportunities, and participating in the implementation of new ideas for improvements.
  • Promoting and helping to create a safe and clean work environment.
  • High School or GED required
  • Training: Certification or displayed skills on specialty equipment -required
  • Skills: Specific machine tool applications that the individual is proficient in operating, all hand gages, comparator, blue print reading, including GD&T knowledge.
  • Experience: 4-6 years of general machine tool experience -required
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Metal Flow is actively seeking experienced Journeyman Toolmakers who are interested in joining the Metal Flow team. A successful candidate will have considerable formal training on toolroom (lathes, mills, grinders etc) and/or production (ICOP, Transfer, and/or Progressive Presses) equipment. Additionally, Journeyman Toolmakers should be able to read and understand blueprints and use quality measurement tools with expertise. 

Journeyman Toolmakers also responsible for monitoring tool usage and working with the toolcrib/toolroom to ensure that adequate back-up tools are on hand and properly prepared in advance of being needed to avoid unplanned and unnecessary downtime.

Journeyman Toolmakers are responsible for assisting in the design and engineering of tooling and should have an extensive ability to troubleshoot and problem solve on developments, new jobs, and existing jobs. Toolmakers should be leaders in the continuous improvement process and should have the ability to take ownership of driving process, tooling, and equipment enhancements that will improve production efficiency and product quality.

At Metal Flow Journeyman Toolmakers are encouraged to assist in the development of team members (including apprentices) and work constructively with others in various areas of the organization to achieve common goals.

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The primary responsibility of the Production Supervisor is to lead their respective area using the support staff available to set and achieve goals aligned with the organization.  Safety, formal customer complaints, total cost of quality, OEE, housekeeping (5s) and lean initiatives are a strong focus for this role.                            



  • Lead the activities of the assigned team members and ensure they understand the respective cell goals
  • Collaborate with the Manufacturing Engineering team to identify areas of opportunity and continuous improvement activities by assisting with tool and process review meetings
  • Actively observe and provide feedback to production area team members to maintain exceptional MFC housekeeping standards
  • Maintain a successful production schedule and communicate potential concerns and delays while making suggestions to the Production Manager and scheduler to avoid delivery problems
    • In areas that do not have a schedule (washing equipment), maintain the goal of a 24-hour throughput
  • Work closely with other team members, including Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Engineers, and Production Quality Technicians to implement actions that improve quality
  • Consistently execute proper containment practices to reduce risk to the smallest reasonable quantity
  • Implement set-up improvement plans as well as set-up time reductions for run size optimization
  • Order and track adequate back-up tool inventory to eliminate any risk of down time
  • Monitor key measurables and propose solutions surrounding areas of improvement
  • Appoint a team member in the production area to complete preventative maintenance
  • Partner with trainees in the apprenticeship program and other team members to offer opportunities for learning the deep draw and value added or cleaning processes in the department
  • In collaboration with Human Resources, develop training curriculum for new team members and recurring or future training to ensure current team member competence
  • Additional duties as assigned



  • Partner with department leaders to successfully coordinate production, inventory, safety and quality efforts to meet company objectives
  • Lead team members throughout the employee life cycle including:
    • Actively engaging in the interview process, onboarding, and hiring of new employees, training, assignment of daily tasks, personal and professional development, review of performance, constructive coaching, counseling, or progressive discipline when appropriate
    • Celebrate wins and identify opportunities with team members
    • Actively promoting and celebrating team member engagement and ownership in their work. 




Education, Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Requirements:

  • Education:  Preferred Journeyman Card or Technical Degree related to the role
  • Leadership experience/training, lean manufacturing competency preferred
  • Experience: Related experience of 4 or more years preferred
  • A good working knowledge of the deep draw or other value added/cleaning process or processes equivalent to the involvement of the role
  • A strong understanding of chemicals and how to safely handle/interact with the chemicals used in the washing process. Establish and train all team members on the safety requirements when working with chemicals.
  • Ability to consistently display exceptional customer service skills both internally and externally.  Be both direct and diplomatic, have a good sense of timing
  • Ability to be an active listener, pulling back in emotionally charged situations, giving clear and direct feedback without blame or judgement
  • Possess self-awareness and understand that personal styles may contribute to differences in how to approach communication in the workplace
  • Effectively manage sensitive customer information while maintaining a high level of poise, tact, and discretion
  • Effectively share information in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small, and large groups with peers, direct reports, leadership team, etc.
  • Continue to monitor technology trends in the field to become a forward-thinking strategic partner


Physical Requirements:

  • Periodic standing, walking, moving, bending, and lifting of up to 50 lbs.
  • Ability to occasionally lifting of up to 75 lbs.
  • Position requires frequent standing, walking, moving, bending, pushing, or pulling for prolonged periods of time
  • Visual acuity adequate to perform visual detection of extremely small product parts and potential defects
  • Ability to use computer
  • Ability to use phone
  • Position requires occasional sedentary work and frequent walking about the building
  • Position requires advanced hand eye coordination to adequately work with machinery
  • Position requires occasional bending, squatting, twisting of upper body
  • Work schedule assumes a 45-hour work week on average, longer weeks and weekend work will be required at times.
  • Must follow all safety protocols.
    • Must wear proper eye and ear protection in designated areas.
    • Must wear proper OSHA approved work boots or shoes on production floor.


Certifications/Policy Competence & Awareness:

  • Metal Flow Corporation is a certified quality manufacturer. 
    • The relevance and importance of your work responsibilities and job requirements on the quality of Metal Flow products is extremely important as we work to provide quality products and services to our customers. 
  • Metal Flow Corporation has achieved environmental recognition by obtaining ISO14001 certification. 
    • Metal Flow team members should work to minimize the company’s impact on the environment in all daily activities.
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