Metal Flow takes pride in being both a technical leader and a people driven organization.

Metal Flow is a metal stamping organization headquartered in Holland, Michigan - near Lake Michigan and Grand Rapids.

We are a worldwide leader in deep draw and progressive die stamping (for more detail, see Deep Drawn Stamping). We stamp complex components of varying shapes and sizes, shipping our product all over the world. We are known in our industry for being innovators, and for helping our customers engineer the highest quality product in a cost-effective way.

Metal Flow was the first drawn metal components manufacturer to receive the QS9000/ISO9002 designation. In keeping with our ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards, Metal Flow is IATF 16949 certified.

By the Numbers

From concept through prototype and production build, we use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design and toolroom technology. Innovative tool design allows us to run complex and technically sophisticated parts within our multiple transfer presses. Flexible manufacturing methods, including Lean and Value Stream Mapping, keep us cost-effective. We're committed to simplifying your component purchasing by providing value-added assemblies and meeting all of your needs
for high-volume production runs.

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Metal Flow is led by Kelly Springer (CEO), Leslie Brown (Chairman), a strong executive team, and a skilled labor force. We are known in our community for having a strong dedication to all the people who make our operation possible.

Beginning in 2015 Metal Flow also operates a deep drawn stamping facility in Wuxi China.

Our People

Innovative thinking, a positive attitude, and a deep-seated work ethic drive the people of Metal Flow. We develop long-term relationships with our customers, with an emphasis on open, ongoing communication. From OEMs to tier two suppliers, we provide every customer with the same level of attention. We're deeply committed, and it shows—in the extra time and energy we put into our work, the quality of our finished product, and the high level of satisfaction our customers report.

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